Financial assistance

Financial Assistance

Don’t rely on being able to get a grant to repair your empty home, but do your research to see what is available.


Local Authority Grants & Loans
Many of the Local Authorities in North Wales offer grants or loans to help with the costs of rescuing empty homes. Each has different criteria about who is eligible and there will normally be a condition that the finished homes should be let through a housing association for a number of years.

Assistance for Historic Buildings
If the home you are intending to rescue is listed, in a conservation area, or has some historical importance you may be able to apply for a grant to help rescue it. Try the Conservation Team at the Local Authority or CADW , the historic environment service of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Energy Efficiency Grants
There are also lots of different Energy Efficiency schemes that run for limited times and in operate in specific areas. You won’t be able to apply for large amounts of money but every little helps. The best place to find what’s available is to use The Energy Saving Trust’s grant finder tool. Click here