Empty Homes

Empty Homes

Long term empty properties (empty for more than six months), can cause significant problems within our communities and is a wasted resource for the owner.  There are currently around 1300 such properties in Flintshire and the Council has published a strategy to encourage owners of empty property to bring them back into use. 


An empty home need to be looked after as much as one which is lived in. An empty home costs money. Excluding the cost of depreciation and vandalism, one official estimate suggests that an empty home costs its owner a staggering £135 a week, that’s £7018 a year!*

In addition to the lost rental income which your empty home could be earning for you, you will need to insure it (if insurance is available) and pay full Council Tax (after 6 months of it being empty).

It makes financial sense to put your empty home to use. Here’s some practical information and advice support to help you turn your empty home into a valuable asset.

You should also have a look at the I own an empty property page on the Empty Homes Agency’s website.


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