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This area is made up of several vilages and a town which include:

Caerwys is a very small town, which is 6 miles away from Holywell in the north of Flintshire. There is a population of around 1300 people.

There is only very limited shops, services and facilities in the town. A local school serves the area. This is a rural area and access to transport would be benefical.

There is extremely low availability of council accommodation in this area. There is very little private rented accommodation and can be expensive when available. 

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Lixwm is very small village in the north of Flintshire. This is a very rural area and access to transport is beneficial to live here.

There are very little shops, services and facilities in the village, however the towns of Mold and Holywell are a few miles away. A primary school serves the village.

The local authority has extremely limited stock in this area, however, there is slightly more sheltered accommodation. There is very little privately rented accommodation.

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Did you know...

Caerwys is the orginal home of the Eisteddfod and the original street pattern of Philadelphia is based on Caerwys

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We don't have exact figures of Privately Rented accommodation in the area but research suggests:

There is a VERY LOW availability.


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We have no details of Facilities in this area.

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