Renting Privately FAQs


Will Housing Benefit fully cover the rent?

The maximum amount of Housing Benefit that can be paid depends on the size of the property that your household needs and is set by Local Housing Allowance rates. Please note that you may not receive the maximum amount as your household income and savings will be taken into account to assess your Housing Benefit claim.
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What if I can't afford to pay a deposit or a bond?

The Flintshire Bond Scheme can help people who cannot afford the deposit when trying to rent a property through private landlords. It can assist applicants with a non-cash deposit, completion of housing benefit forms and advice on tenancy related issues.
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How long will I be able to stay?

Tenancies are generally assured short hold for 6 or 12 months. They can usually be extended or become a monthly rolling contract if you haven't breached the terms of your tenancy agreement. Contact an advice agency if you need help.

How can I find a property?

There are plenty of options ways to find your new home. The information and links on this page is a great place to start your property search.
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